Raybrig H4 Ultra Bright Headlight System for Classic Japanese Cars (Crystal Clear version)

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Genuine Raybrig product

  • Includes Genuine Raybrig bulbs for maximum brightness
  • Period correct multi reflector H4 housings
  • VERY effective lighting system for classic Japanese cars
  • Classic clear version for OEM like look and feel
  • Very easy to install
  • Tired of ripping down your favorite mountain road in the middle of the night and not being able to see anything more than five feet in front of your old, dimly lit headlamps? Increase your visibility while sprucing up the look of your AE86, s13 or MR2 with these highly attractive, crystal clear headlamps from Raybrig, the racing division of Stanley Lighting.

    These headlamps are guaranteed to be supreme OEM quality as they are produced by Stanley Lighting, the largest manufacture of Japanese OEM lighting equipment. The lenses are made of a durable and lightweight polycarbonate unlike many of their glass counterparts. We have these on our Corollas and are very impressed!


    Product fitment:

    AE86 Corolla

    AE91 Corolla

    AE92 Corolla

    ST182 Celica

    FC3S RX-7

    S13 240sx

    MA70 Supra

    SW20 MR2

    KP61 Startlet