BGRS 25 Row Oil Cooler Bracket for AE86

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With or Without Oil Cooler

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BGRS Original Part

  • 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum
  • Includes mounting hardware (not pictured)
  • Designed for most 25 Row Oil coolers (Koyo, Setrab, Mishimoto, etc)
  • Horizontal layout for less risk of pressure loss upon start up. 
  • Plug and play mounting to radiator support on AE86 chassis
  • Mounts behind center grill at front of car
  • Chose "With Cooler" to include Koyo 25 Row OIl Cooler
  • Does NOT fit with factory AE86 A/C condenser and drier

Over the years we have found that track oriented 4AGE's need an oil cooler.  The factory GT-S cooler is useful, but doesn't decrease oil temperatures enough for hard track use.  We designed an oil cooler bracket that would mount an oil cooler larger enough to handle the majority of engine configurations used on AE86's.  The brackets fit most 25 row oil coolers on the market.  We also have the option of providing a 25 row Koyo Rad oil cooler which this kit was based upon.   



We target a max oil temp of about 260F.  We have found that a 13 Row oil cooler on a hot 4AGE or 4A 20V may just barely be enough, but for best results we recommend a full sized 25 row cooler.   It was also interesting to note that moving from a modified 20V 4AGE to the same head on a 7AGE bottom end increased oil temps by 20F with no other changes due to the higher loads on the 


Here's a guide of what we would recommend for various engine types for sustained track use.  Please note, drift cars should have an electric fan mounted to the oil cooler as the air flow hitting the cooler at an angle is not as effective as a track car.  You can hook up a manual switch to cool off during or after drift runs. 

Engine Type Oil Cooler Size
4AGE 16V Stock Stock or 13 Row
4AGE 16V Highly Modified 13 Row or 25 Row
4AGE 20V Stock and Modified 25 Row
7AGE (16V or 20V) Stock and Highly Modified  25 Row
F20C S2000  25 Row or Greater
Forced Induction (4A, SR, 3S, 2JZ, etc) 25 Row or Greater