Prothane AE86 Total Bushing Kit

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Genuine Prothane Product
-Complete Polyurethane Bushing Kit
-Includes lubricant
-Drastic improvement in chassis response
-Noticeable increase in road noise

AE86 Kit Includes:
1. front and rear control arm bushings
2. front strut rod bushings
3. rear track arm bushings
4. front (21 and 22mm) sway bar bushings
5. rear (14 and 16mm) sway bar bushings
6. front and rear sway bar end links.

The first thing most people do with a stock, older Japanese classis is focus on the suspension. Changing out the old suspension and replacing it with something more performance minded can really make a car a lot more fun. From there, the build usually snow balls into a hugely fun money pit, but you already know this.

If your car still has the original bushings, change them out! The difference will be night and day...even if new OEM rubber bushing are subbed in. For the enthusiast though, we recommend harder durometer rubber bushings or Prothane polyurethane bushings. Both options will really help the car respond to quick and subtle steering inputs, while increasing overall precision.

Poly kits used to squeak, which was annoying, but over time the manufacturers developed better lubricants and in some cases, added siping on the bushings to help retain the lubricant and this problem is much more rare. You will notice more harshness while traversing railroad crossings and the like, but we really think you will happily take the trade off in exchange for better handling!