Porterfield R4S Street/Track day Brake Pads

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Genuine Porterfield Product
-Great pedal bite after the first stop
-Great threshold braking feel/modulation
-Moderate dust for performance pad
-Good rotor life compared to others
-Lower than average chance of brake squeal

For our own personal cars, the R4-S pad is a no-brainer. We enjoy machines that are usable on the street but also perform well on bumpy mountain roads and the track as well. One of the steps we take to achieve this balance and enjoyment is to upgrade the pads to R4S and to install stainless steel brake lines right away.

By far, our favorite pad is the Porterfield R4S series pad. The pad has great bite after the first application (the pad feels a bit worse than an economy pad until the rotor is heated just a bit) with a very noticeable decrease in pedal effort and a much faster response time.

Unlike Hawk street/track pads, the R4S compound bites hard, but typically doesn't squeal nearly as bad as the Hawk product. To help ensure quiet operation, it is best to have rotors turned before changing out ANY pad, though.

The R4S will dust a bit more than your typical economy pad, but rotor life is still very good. One of our shop cars has 20K miles of street/track use and there is still more than half of the pad left!

The best part....R4S are quite reasonably priced as far as performance pads go. While some JDM brands might offer a product with slightly higher performance, but those pads will be twice the price but will not perform twice as well.

We only offer items we would use on our own personal cars here, and you may notice that Porterfield is the only brake pad we stock.