Plus 15 FLCA for AE86 Corolla

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Brand new front +15mm front lower control arms for the AE86 Corolla.

Looking for an affordable way to freshen up that front end? Need new ball joints? trashed bushings? want a bit more camber or stance?

Here's a simple bolt on solution!


These will widen the front stance by 15mm each side.

Generates about 2.5 degrees negative camber.

Boxed in with our logo gusset for extra strength!

Price is for a pair.


  • Brand New Ball Joints
  • Brand New Bushings
  • Brand New Lower Control Arms
  • Boxed for strength
  • OEM style ball joints, strongest option, easy replacement
  • 15MM longers than stock
  • Gives 2.5 degrees negative camber