Pipercross Competition ITB/Carb Filters


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Pipercross Competition Filter to suit 4AGE ITB or carbed applications.
-Incredibly high quality
-Maximum air flow
-Great filtration properties
-No more torn/destroyed/eaten sock filters
-The ONLY filter that works with 100mm SQ Pro Stacks
-Also works with popular T3 70mm stacks when purchased with our SQ Pipercross adapter plate.

Purists sometimes take the hard road with N/A tuning, but the joy of a screaming motor is worth the pain and effort. Cars using common carb setups such as side drafts or down drafts have had pretty decent filtration options for decades but getting proper filtration on a car with individual throttle bodies (ITBs) is usually more of a custom affair. To maximize the gains that ITB's offer you need to leave plenty of volume in the filter to allow each intake pulse to quickly suck in as much air as possible. This becomes even more important with a peaky, cammed, high RPM engine.

For your convenience we offer Pipercross filters and accessories to suit many 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder applications. We offer SQ pre-made backing plates for 4AG applications.

Velocity stacks require a minimum of 19mm between filter element and stack, which this solution offers.

These filters are cleanable and re-usable with the optional oiling and cleaning kit. We strongly recommend you grab the cleaning kit as well to help ensure no dust makes it past the filter.

**This filter works with 70mm stacks as well as 100mm stacks. ITG will NOT work with these 100mm stacks. These are the same price as ITG, yet still allow you to upgrade to longer stacks when the time comes**

**We are now providing K&N cleaning and oiling fluids instead as they are sourced domestically, allowing for lower pricing**

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