BGRS CANYON Brake Package: Performance Street Brake Upgrade for Brembo Equipped 2017+ BRZ and 2019 TRD 86

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Canyon packages optimize performance for real road conditions. These kits are meant to perform over a wide range of road surfaces and driving styles. Great for autocross and track days while keeping good quality of life aspects.

Our BGRS CANYON brake package is perfect for those looking for optimal canyon driving performance. Pads are selected for their performance characteristics in both cold and hot temps to provide greatly increased stopping power in all conditions. Ideal for those who push hard and need braking power to match. These kits are also great for autocross where you need max friction at low temps, and moderate track use.

Ferodo DS2500 brake pads are considered one of if not the best dual street and track pad. With its exceptional bite and fade resistance, the DS2500 delivers a track-worthy performance while maintaining street-friendly qualities like minimal dust and noise. This makes them ideal for a daily use high performance pad.

To ensure optimal performance, we've included a 500ML bottle of Motul Racing Brake Fluid 600. It's the perfect complement to the DS2500 pads, guaranteeing consistent and reliable braking performance whether you're navigating city streets, tackling canyon runs, participating in autocross events, or enjoying some light track duty.

2017+ Performance Package BRZ with Brembo Brakes
2019 Toyota 86 TRD with Brembo Brakes

Kit Includes:

  • Factory Brembo Ferodo DS2500 
  • Factory Brembo Ferodo DS2500
  • x1 500ML DOT 4 Motul Racing Brake fluid 600