Offset Steering Rack Spacers for the AE86 AW11 TE72 KE70 etc..

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For dedicated drift cars, with lots of steering angle and zero ackerman or reduced ackerman knuckles, it becomes important to keep the steering outer tie rods from "over centering".

Once a steering rack overcenters, it can be very difficult or impossible to get the steering wheel to turn back the other direction.

These Offset Rack Spacers help prevent that from happening.

Has built in small spacer for long side of rack and larger built in spacer for short side of rack to get the maximum steering angle out of the rack.

These are designed to fit both left hand and right hand drive cars. On LHD cars, they will angle slightly up and will help to reduce bump steer on excessively lowered cars.  

These should only be used on dedicated drift cars using other steering angle mods. Not for street cars or road race cars. 

Currently offering these for manual racks only. 



  • Full Drift Use Only