Genuine Toyota OEM Oil Pickup Gasket for 3S-GE

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Whether you're finishing a build or doing maintenance, BGRS is here to provide you with OEM solutions should you need them. OEM parts can be hard to come by, and that's why we're proud to be able to offer you this brand-new, genuine Toyota OEM oil pickup gasket for the 3S-GE engine.

Gaskets are small parts but your engine won't run safely without them. They prevent fluids from leaking out, and in this case, it prevents oil from leaking out of the pickup tube when they're traveling to the oil strainer or filter. And no one likes an oil leak; they starve your car of the oil it needs, and they can be a pain to clean.

In our experience, OEM parts are preferable when it comes to gaskets. Aftermarket parts are often not built to the same standard, and OEMs tend to last longer. Additionally, OEM parts ensure direct-fit and hassle-free installation, giving you further peace of mind when purchasing.

This genuine Toyota OEM oil pickup gasket will fit the Black Top 3S-GE engine (found in the 1999 - 2005 Altezza or Lexus IS200). Will also fit the 3S-GTE engine.