Genuine Toyota OEM Door Check Strap Pin for AE86

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Whether you're finishing a build or doing maintenance, BGRS is here to provide you with OEM solutions should you need them. And we're proud to be able to offer you a wide variety of products, down to the smallest components such as this genuine Toyota OEM door check strap pin for the Toyota AE86.

Small parts like this seem so insignificant but it can be so annoying when they break. A loose door won't feel good when you open them, and they struggle to stay open which can make getting in and out of your beloved AE86 a bit of a hassle, especially on an incline.

Using a brand new, genuine Toyota OEM product such as this ensures direct fit and hassle-free installation on your AE86. Additionally, OEM products are built to a higher standard, ensuring they last longer and giving you peace of mind. This door check strap pin fits all Toyota AE86 model years.

Kit Includes:

  • x2 Door Check Strap Pin