Genuine Toyota OEM Crankshaft Timing Gear for 4AGE

Regular price $42.00

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Whether you're finishing a build or doing maintenance, BGRS is here to provide you with OEM solutions should you need them. If you need a crankshaft timing gear, we're happy to offer you this brand new, genuine Toyota OEM crankshaft timing gear for the 4A-GE.

With small-but-significant parts such as this, we prefer to go OEM as aftermarket offerings are sometimes not built to the same standard as OEM. Better safe than sorry, especially with parts concerning something as crucial as the crankshaft.

Additionally, genuine OEM parts ensure a hassle-free fitment to save you time and effort. Speaking of which, this will fit both the 16v and 20v SILVERTOP 4A-GE engines, so you can relax about compatibility.