Genuine Toyota OEM Timing Belt Kit for 1JZ

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Whether you're finishing a build or doing maintenance, BGRS is here to provide you with OEM solutions should you need them. Save yourself the hassle and the extra costs of buying parts separately with this brand-new, genuine Toyota OEM timing belt kit for the 1JZ.

This kit includes the timing belt idler, the tensioner assembly, and of course, the timing belt itself. This kit provides you with the parts you need to install a brand-new timing belt and keep your 1JZ's timing in check and running smoothly.

All of the parts included are brand new, genuine Toyota OEM parts. In our experience, there's very little reason to go with aftermarket for these parts. OEM part ensures high-quality manufacturing that will withstand the high level of stress an engine like 1JZ experiences.

Additionally, OEM parts ensure a hassle-free installation to save you time and effort. This timing belt kit will fit all 1JZ engines, including the 1JZ-GE and 1JZ-GTE, both VVT-i and non-VVT-i models.