OEM Toyota Ignition Coil for the AE86 and Various Toyotas

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A fresh ignition coil can lead to a myriad of car improvements, especially if you're experiencing engine sputters or jerks, misfires, or loud pops and backfiring from your exhaust system. It can also generally lead to better fuel economy! If you any of the above resonates with your situation, we suggest you go with this tried and true OEM replacement. 
For ignition related items, we have a strong preference for sticking with OEM parts when possible as only OEM parts were contractually required to meet a certain mileage that coincides with the OEM's warranty period.  OEM ignition parts are rarely cheap but they tend to be the highest quality as a consequence. 
Part Fitment:
1983-1987 Toyota Levin / Trueno / RWD Corolla AE86 4AGE / 4AC
1979-1985 Toyota Celica
1979-1981 Toyota Corona
1979-1983 Toyota Cressida
1985-1989 Toyota MR2