Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters (NCRCA) for KE70 Corolla

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35mm thick for effective elimination of bumpsteer, along with the benefit of added camber and 1" wider track per side!

CNC'd from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized red. Machined T3 logo on upper face - does absolutely nothing for performance, but looks cool!

These units incorporate the same CNC milled alignments sleeves used on our Standard RCA's. This provides additional shear protection and insures that the units will stay properly aligned no matter how hard you drive.

We took a lot of time engineering and designing these units to insure the absolute best durability and strength possible. All hardware included is Metric Grade 10.9 and 12.9 alloy steel, that is equivalent to SAE Grade 8 and higher.

These Negative Camber RCA's will provide 2.8 degrees of camber on a car dropped 2". On a car dropped 3" they will provide 3.1 degrees of negative camber (these figures are IN ADDITION to the camber your car already has, so if you already have 1.2 degrees of camber at 2" drop, then you would have 4 degrees overall of negative camber)

These units will also widen the front track of the car by 25mm per side (50mm overall increase in front track). Used with Camber plates, they will allow you to run moderate camber with a much wider track or absolutely insane amounts of camber 5+ degrees.

NCRCA's make the turn in on the car feel awesome. Just recently there has been some backlash on the forums lately from some experts about scrub radius and such on NCRCA's. Those experts are right about the change in the scrub radius, but hell, the fact is that NCRCA's have been incredibly popular in Japan and the rest of the world for the last 25 years for a reason. A car with NCRCA's just feels HAPPY to dive into corners and switchbacks. I've had them on my own personal car for 12 years now. I use the car for street, mountain, road race and drift and I love em!



  • Comes with all mounting hardware and bolts.
  • 35mm thick for effective elimination of bumpsteer, along with the benefit of added camber and track.
  • Solid billet construction
  • Aircraft grade hardware