MRP 4AG / 7AG Custom Steel Sump

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Genuine MRP Product
-Extra 1 Liter capacity
-Bolt in windage tray
-Available in Aluminium or Steel with Zink coating
-Universal design for early 16V to late 20V
-Bungs for drain plug, oil temp, turbo, and head drain back
-One-way, sprung trap door design retains oil for oil pick up

Import engines are well designed and rarely need help in the oiling department. The serious racer sometimes needs a bit of help though, as acceleration forces from turning, braking, and even accelerating with modern performance tires can suck oil away from the pickup in ways the original engineers never envisioned.

Utilizing a sprung trap door like you see here helps in a major way to keep critical levels of oil at the pickup during sustained high-g acceleration. Oil can be sucked in by pushing the door open, but as oil sloshes up against the door on the opposite wall, THAT door remains shut and somewhat sealed. Simple.

From road racing to drifting applications, this MRP designed sump will be of use to drivers who either are running slicks or R-Comps, or just have an engine that is too expensive to not take every reasonable precaution to keep together.