MRP Thermostatic Oil Filter Relocation Kit

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Experience enhanced oil filtration and temperature regulation with the MRP Thermostatic Oil Filter Relocation Kit. This kit includes the highly regarded Mocal Sandwich Plate, renowned for its quality and performance in the automotive industry. With 10 AN fittings for optimal flow, a mounting bracket for secure installation, and a range of fittings to accommodate various Japanese car models, this kit delivers versatility and reliability in one package.


  • Relocates oil filter to preferred location
  • Includes Mocal Sandwich Plate for superior performance
  • 10 AN fittings ensure full flow efficiency
  • Mounting bracket for secure installation
  • Compatible with Japanese cars (3/4" & M20 oil filter threads)
  • 2 metric ports for aftermarket oil pressure sensors or optional plugs (plugs included)


  • Mocal Sandwich Plate
  • Mounting bracket
  • Various fittings for Japanese cars
  • Plugs for metric ports
  • Optional -10 AN compatible oil filter sandwich plate (select "w/o thermostatic sandwich plate" when checking out)


  • Fittings: 10 AN
  • Fitment: All Japanese cars with 3/4" and M20 oil filter threads
  • Optional: Thermostatic sandwich plate available


The MRP Thermostatic Oil Filter Relocation Kit is designed to optimize engine oil filtration and temperature control. By relocating the oil filter and incorporating a thermostatic sandwich plate, this kit ensures consistent oil flow and temperature management, resulting in improved engine performance and longevity.


  • Bayson R A Style Front Lip
  • Necessary hardware for installation


Compatible with a wide range of Japanese cars, the MRP Thermostatic Oil Filter Relocation Kit offers seamless integration and enhanced functionality for your vehicle. Whether for street or track use, this kit provides the reliability and performance needed to elevate your driving experience.