MRP N2 Style Cam Belt Stabilizer For Transverse Mounted FF/MR Engines

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MRP N2 Style Cam Belt Stabilizer For Transverse Mounted Engines (compatible with both FWD/RWD applications)

Application: 16V / 20V 4age/7age suit all models FF, FR, MR
Made from Billet 6061 Aluminum Anodized Gun Metal
Idler pulley
All bolts included for installation

This product helps to stabilize the cam belt. At certain RPM you may see the cam belt 'flap' around on modified 4AG or 7AG.  This is likely due to some added harmonic from aftermarket cams.  In some extreme cases this can cause the cam belt to jump a tooth. People have made the belt tighter to overcome this issue but in turn this is not good for the belt of the relating rotating parts.  If belt harmonic persists, we have it on good authority (think Formula Atlantic) that OEM timing belts are what to use for greater reliability as the aftermarket belts may not be as tolerant. 

Running the cam belt stabilizer will ensure the cam belt stays in place and is ideal for all types of race applications.


***Factory timing belt covers need to be cut for fitment***