MRP Fixed Blacktop 20V Tensioner

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NOTE: Estimated lead time of 5-8 weeks.

MRP Custom Tensioner
-Allows for complete control of TB tension
-Avoid failing hydraulic tensioners for good
-Offers greater range of adjustment for custom applications
-Stocked in California

We strongly suggest changing OEM blacktop timing belt tensioners anytime the belt is removed. Why? We have seen the tensioners lose tension on cars, potentially resulting in a skipped timing belt with bent valves to follow.

Toyota is usually good about only specifying reliable parts but the AE111 tensioner is not one of them. If you replace yours often, you should not have a problem. But if you have an expensive race prepared engine, you may want to convert to a fixed tensioner to eliminate this kind of risk.

These MRP tensioners also allow for a greater range of adjustment over stock - useful for 7AG/20V conversions when a different sized timing belt is used. The OEM tensioner may not allow for proper belt tension due to lack of range.

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Attention: As of 2021, this product has been upgraded! MRP has changed the bolt design so it can be adjusted without removing the pulleys and timing cover. It now looks like this: