MRP 20V 1NZ Coil on Plug COP Kit

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The MRP 20v Coil On Plug (COP) Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert your 20v to run on coil on plug. 


This kit consists of the following:
1x MRP COP Adapter Plate T6061 Aluminium Anodized Black with Hardware

1x MRP 20v CAS cover blanking adapter with hardware

4x 1NZ Brand New Aftermarket Coils machined down to fit inside the 20v head tubes

4x 1NZ wire in plug kits

This is one of the most popular ignition conversion kits for the 4age 20v engine.
It can be run on the stock ECU but we would recommend using an aftermarket ECU such as the haltech 750 or 550 to fully control these correctly
Better spark means more power, more power equals more fun!