MRP Billet Race Individual Throttle Bodies

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MRP Billet Individual Throttle Bodies

We have put together an ITB setup to suit 4age 16v & 20v heads.
These are hands down one of the best throttles you can purchase and will show power gains of 10hp+.


These ITB's incorporate a patented design matching the outright performance of a roller barrel Throttle Body while independent tests have shown >7% more airflow than a conventional butterfly Throttle Body. Mid range performance is significantly increased due to the velocity of the same volume of air passing through a smaller orifice.

These are offered in four different head types

- 4AGE 20V Blacktop 

- 4AGE 20V Silvertop

- 4AGE 16V Big Port

- 4AGE 16V Small Port

Please contact our support email when ordering so we can get you the correct type!



  • All AT Power Throttle Bodies are made from highly attractive billet machined aluminium housings
  • The Throttle Body assembly includes Billet Fuel Rail, Complete Stainless Steel Linkage fully assembled to the throttles as standard
  • Universal TPS output shaft and a range of TPS adapter plates
  • They are shipped fully assembled and ready to fit straight to the engine
  • MRP Adapter manifold with 1/8″ npt vacuum ports

This is a special order item- They will have to be ordered with our supplier and may have an extended lead time. Additionally, if you choose to cancel this item after purchase, a 15% logistical fee will be deducted from the refund.