MRP 7AGE Conversion Modified Sprocket

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MRP Custom Modified Crank Sprocket
-Corrects camshaft timing on custom 7AG builds
-Modified OEM crank sprocket
-Resides behind crankshaft pulley and drives timing belt
-The right way to do a 7AG build

4AG's are wonderful engines - very willing to rev, great sound, and good power out put. But if you want more overall power, better mid-range torque for street use, or a faster spooling turbo, you may want a 7AG. When using a 4AGE head on a 7AFE block, you will need to correct camshaft timing, as the motor won't be able to be timed properly (poor performance and economy).

One could correct timing with adjustable cam sprockets, but the marks on the sprockets won't read correctly anymore and will make life harder for anyone tuning or repairing the car. And on a 20V engine, you cannot retain VVT and use adjustable sprockets at the same time.

By using an MRP custom crank sprocket, you can build a 7AG without the drawbacks that have plagued frankensteiners for the last decade. A new keyway is cut and labeled, and all you need is to remove the old and replace with the new and be on your way.

When ordering, please select 16V/20V ST ae101 or 20V BT AE111 depending on which oil pump you are using.  The AE111 sprocket is wider and cannot be interchanged with a 16V/20V ST sprocket. Price includes new sprocket with necessary modifications.


20v Silvertop Sprocket = 23mm Tall

20v Blacktop Sprocket = 25mm Tall