MRP 7A to 20V 4A Sump Adapter

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Genuine MRP Product
-Allows use of 20V 4A Oil Sump
-Reduces risk of oil starvation
-Machined Aluminum w/hardware
-20V pan will not fit on 7A block without this
-Ships from California

When doing a 7AGE conversion, some may not want to use the 7AFE oil pan as it sits much lower than a stock 4A sump. Also, if you have a specially modified oil pan with turbo return lines, welded bung for oil temp sensor, it may be easier to retain 4A sump rather than modify your 7A sump once again.

**Builders in Japan use the Tec-Arts version of this product on their 7AG builds as the 7AFE oil pan doesn't have good oil baffling in light of the low performance aspirations of the original engine. Switching to the 20V sump allows the builder to retain the better oil pan baffling and reduce the risk of throwing a rod from oil starvation. The MRP version is functionally the same as the Tec-Arts unit, at a lower cost and with U.S. support!**


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