MRP 7A Forged H-Beam Rods

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Genuine MRP 7a H-Beam Conrods
-40Crnimoa (4340) Forged Steel
-Silicon bronze bushings for floating piston wrist pins
-Fully machined to produce the lightest and strongest rod possible
-weight matched +/- 1.5 grams
-ARP 2000 conrod bolts
-133mm center to center
-471g total weight incl bolts (bolts are 54g)
HP Rating: 200hp per rod (Total 800hp) and 10,000rpm

MRP is known around the world for making some incredible 7AG engines. After years of track testing with various products, they decided to design and create their own forged conrod to their specifications.

We recommend using forged rods on a 7AF/7AG build that will be seeing over 7,000 rpm on a regular basis, or if the engine will be seeing any boost at all.

In a pinch, 7AFE rods can be modified for use with aftermarket rod bolts to withstand higher RPM, but for sustained high RPM use we wouldn't think twice about using aftermarket forged rods.

These rods use regular 7A main bearings and are set up for OEM sized 20mm piston gudgen pins.

Feel free to drop us a line about your specific application and we can recommend other parts for your 7A build to meet your performance/reliability goals.