MRP 4age Stroker Kit 1.8L

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MRP 4A (aka 5AGE) Stroker Kit 1.8L

Please note: Girdle and reinforcement caps are available separately and are not included in this kit. 


This is not your generic stroker kit with bad rod/stroke ratios or some random crankshaft with no thought put into the design. Huge amount of thought & Engineering went into the design of this kit
We are not a generic rod/crank supplier, we specialize in 4age performance and focus solely on making the best parts for your 4age
Our kits are being used all around the world with power figures past 900hp on 45psi of boost! or in N/A form 250hp+ and 10,000rpm

This kit has been on the market for 5 years and used in all types of racing with great success, many revisions have have been made to the design over time to provide better reliability and performance so you can be assured what your getting has been properly engineered and race tested to extreme conditions.

The pistons in this kit are a special custom design where we worked with CP to get what we needed.
Rod/stroke ratio is 1.52:1


What's included in the kit? 

Custom MRP 83mm Billet 4340 Crank Fully Counter Weighted
Large counter weights to dampen harmonics at high RPM which is essential to stroker crank designs for reliability
Extra large section through rod journal to counter weight for increased strength and reduced flex in one of the most critical areas of load
8 Bolt to take 4age flywheels
OEM 4age journal sizes so you can use the OEM 4age size bearings
Oil gallery holes have lead in/outs to help increase oil flow to the bearings
Oil gallery feeds are the same as the 4age crank meaning constant 360 degree of oil supply to the journals at all times
Dual crank sprocket keyway
Nitrided, Fully balanced

Custom MRP Billet 4340 conrods
Around 3% longer than the 4a rods
H-beam (490g with bolts)
Rods are notched on the journals which acts as an oil squirter up into the bottom of the piston
ARP2000 Rod Bolts as standard
Nitrided & Fully balanced
800hp rated or 9500rpm (Those seeking 10k rpm + reliably should go for the Saenz conrods)
**Optional Saenz Conrods available for those seeking super high end rods. These are 20g lighter than our MRP rods – Saenz are one of the best in the world**
**Optional Billet Aluminium Conrods available for drag engines only running on boost over 40psi**

Custom MRP Forged Pistons by CP or Traum 
Low compression height, 20v & 16v available in both N/A (242g) & Turbo (262g) to any compression you require.
Rings & gudgens supplied (80g N/A, 90g Turbo)
Special short skirt design to reduce friction which helps power wise & reliability
Ceramic coating on the domes to reduce heat to the pistons and keep the heat in the chamber (optional)
Telfon coated skirts to reduce friction and also provides a dry film lubrication

Power rating of the kit 800hp+ & 10,000rpm+

To be used with the 4age block
Modifying of the block is required for clearance of the crank to spin freely
Takes 4age flywheels
Crank ladders, BHJ race Harmonic pulley and cams gears are optional extra.

Other parts available on request:
Toyota OEM rebuild gasket kits


Billet Reinforcement Caps
ARP Head & Main Studs
Twinplate clutch kits
Supertech Valve train parts

This is a special order item- They will have to be ordered with our supplier and may have an extended lead time. Additionally, if you choose to cancel this item after purchase, a 15% logistical fee will be deducted from the refund. 

*MRP has stated that Piston lead times are roughly 2 months, and crankshafts roughly 3 months, depending on stock.*