MRP 4AGE/7AFE Torque Plate

Regular price $450.00

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Fits: 4age 16v & 20v

Material: T6061 Aluminium
Finish: Anodised

A torque plate is fitted to the block deck in the same way as you would bolt down the cylinder head to be used on the engine. This stresses the cylinder bores and leaves them out of round where the head bolts pull the bores out of shape. Particularly close to the top of bores.

This simulates the head installed onto the engine, so machining with a torque plate will ensure better accuracy of the bore roundness once the engine is assembled.

Tests have shown that simulating torque in this way reduces piston ring blow by by a measurable amount, resulting in more power.  All competitive race engines are machined in this fashion when maximum HP is required.  

*** We also offer a rental service for $100.00. We collect a deposit of the Full Torque plate price. Once the rental is returned we will refund the difference. Select RENT to check availability. *** Please inquire our customer support email for details. ***

Please note: This product is built to order with an estimated lead time of 6-8 weeks. Please place a pre-order and we will fulfill pre-orders first as soon as the product is available.