MRP 4AGE 16v Intake Manifold

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UPDATE 9/23/22: This product is back in production!

The MRP custom made inlet plenum V2 is a piece of art. It features smooth transitions and a large throttle body opening for turbo applications. Can work with naturally aspirated applications as well but not recommend. 


Custom made to spec:

These throttle bodies can be made to your specific 4age layout. When ordering, please contact our support email with your options of choice - 

- Small Port or Big Port

- OEM Throttle body fitment, 65mm Billet Throttle Body ( + $138.00), or 70mm Billet Throttle Body ( + $138.00)

- Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive (for the AE86/KE70) or rear wheel drive (for the KE10/20/25/30/35)

- For Finish, these are available in Natural, Matte Black Power Coat ( + $107.52) or Polsihed ( + $107.52)


We have dyno proven these and shown great gains over other manufactured plenums

For Turbo Engines
1 piece extruded plenum chamber made from 5mm thick aluminium! 
The runners, stacks and head flange are all counter bored so all pieces are a slip fit before welding, thus ensuring none of the welds will blow apart!
Mechanical strength before welding makes for a much more robust reliable product.

These plenum chambers enhance the performance of your 4age 16v engine. By increasing the volume and using proper bell mouth velocity stacks.
There can be lead time up to 3-6 weeks to make plenums

This is a special order item- They will have to be ordered with our supplier and may have an extended lead time. Additionally, if you choose to cancel this item after purchase, a 15% logistical fee will be deducted from the refund.