Motul 10W40 Classic Eighties Oil

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As car technology changes, the lubricants they utilize do as well! This semi-synthetic oil is optimized for the metals and clearances used on import engines of that period.  It is formulated with a unique combination of high zinc, phosphorous, and molybdenum additives to provide the best protection and performance in these vehicles of the 1980s and similar eras.  The increased zinc, phosphorous, and molybdenum increase wear resistance for highly stressed areas of the engine, such as the cam followers and bottom end bearings.   The thickness is best suited for wider tolerance engines which were more common in the 80's and earlier. 

This oil is also produced by Motul, a leader in fluids used in Motorsports. 

Suitable in:

  • 4AGE 16V engines, 7M Series, and other 80's Toyota engines
  • Naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged applications as well as other methods of forced induction
  • Carburated and fuel injected applications
  • 2 Liters / 2.11 Quart Container.  You will typically need 2 of these cans per oil change on a Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine.