Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate

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Genuine Mocal Product

-Opening temperature 180F/82C
-Comes with Qty (1) 3/4"-16 unf oil filter adapter for 4AGE, BEAMS, and 1JZ/2JZ Engines
-includes Qty 2x -10 AN fittings for oil cooler in and out
-Works with aftermarket oil filter relocation kits
-Fits AE86 / Miata / S13 / S14 / Supra / SC300 / S2000 and many more.
-Stocked in California

- The installation guide can be found here

For a car that sees street use, it is VERY important to have a thermostat on your oil system if you have a large external oil cooler. Some of these radiators are so effective that you may never reach operating temperature (170F to 265F) when doing your normal routine. Oil that is always too cold will not lubricate well, causing premature failure of the bottom end bearings. This won't happen over night, but we assure you the extra wear will happen.

Installation Instructions are included with our kit!