Mishimoto Dual e-fan and shroud kit


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Genuine Mishimoto Product

-Dual e-fan

-Aluminum shrouding

This is a cost effective electric fan setup that will work on both Mishimoto and Koyo aftermarket radiators. These should work on OEM radiators as well.   We are using this fan shroud on our 7AGE 20V track car and they pull the temps down very fast.  

Don't forget to hook your fans up to a relay rated to handle a 5 amp draw per fan.  Also don't rely on a manual switch for your fans!  Hook them up to some kind of thermo controller or you are going to have a bad time.  Your tuner can also setup your stand alone ECU to control the fans to automatically come on at a specified temperature.  

***This item ships free within the Continental USA, All other locations will need to charge shipping***

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