Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator - Race - AE86 Corolla

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Genuine Mishimoto Part
-Very Effective
-Budget friendly
-Tig welded ends
-AE86/TE/KE (with 4AGE engine only - 3TC inlet and outlet are not on the correct side)

You are probably well aware of how effective multiple core radiators are for street and track cars. The heat that these types of radiators give off after a hard run in the mountains or at the track is very noticeable. These units are so effective, they can almost be used as a band-aid for a poorly constructed or maintained cooling system, although we recommend the proper fix of course.

One thing to keep in mind is that aluminum radiators do not save weight - what you save from the weight of the radiator over a stock unit, you gain back in the extra water capacity. Purchase this if you want the extra cooling capacity!

*Add a Mishimoto Dual E-Fan and Shroud as a combo*

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