Mishimoto Adjustable Cooling Fan Relay

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  • Applicable for any vehicle with a 12v electric fan
  • Adjustable activation temperature from 150°F to 240°F
  • Includes probe or 1/8" NPT style temperature sensor to fit your needs
  • Includes 7 ft of wire for installation in nearly any size vehicle
  • Built-in A/C override feature
  • Designed for use with 1–2 electric fans drawing a combined 25 amps or less
  • Includes wiring connectors and hardware for installation
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

If you do not have a source for controlling your electric fans, you can use Mishimoto's adjustable fan controller as an easy an inexpensive solution.  The default option uses a probe which can be stuck into the radiator to read temperature (looks a little tacky) or for $5 more, an option using a 1/8th NPT sensor can be provided.  This sensor can be used with adapter to install on a radiator hose.  

It is important to ensure that actual water temps from the engine block are being read, not just what the temperature of the water inside the radiator is so the sensor should be mounted near the thermostat outlet if possible.