Megan Racing Tie Rod Ends for The Toyota AE86 (non-Power Steering)

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These Outer Tie-Rod Ends are compatible with both our Inner Tie-Rods and the OEM Tie Rods. They replace the OEM Tie Rod Ends with a high strength aluminum alloy Tie Rod End that can be used to fine tune Toe-Adjustments and by proper use of spacer combination can be set to proper suspension geometry to achieve the most steering angle possible which is crucial for drifting and other motor-sports.


Application: 1983-1987 (AE86) Toyota Corolla GT-S/SR5 NON-POWER STEERING ONLY!!!

- Minimum required thread engagement: 1/2"
- Center of joint to end of blue arm:
- Minimum Length: 6 1/2"
- Maximum Length: 6 5/8"
- Joint Thread pitch M14 Pitch:1.25 R (not of tie rod end itself)

- Allows adjustment of Bump-Steer to have the proper suspension geometry.
- High-Angle joints allow for a safe increase in steering angle
- Polymer Injected construction allows for smooth steering and transitions during drifting.

Note: If you are running a MANUAL RACK with Power Steering Knuckle....please ORDER/USE a Power Steering Outer Tie rods.!