Megan Racing Engine and Transmission Mounts for The Toyota AE86

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These hardened Motor/Transmission mounts are constructed of a mixture of Polyurethane and Hard rubber to give a more solid connection between the Drive-train and the chassis. The OEM bushings are constructed of soft rubber for comfort and are now aged 20 years; these can easily tear and cause severe damage to the motor and transmission. With upgraded motor and transmission mounts you get a more direct feel with the drive-train that is noticeable during acceleration and turning as well as being more effective during a Clutch-Kick initiation in the Corolla.


- Designed for the 1985-1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S.
- Increased stability during drifting and cornering.
- Polyurethane/Rubber Compound reduces Engine Torque twist and offers a more direct connection between the Drive-train and Chassis.