Martelius Race Catback Exhaust For 2013+ FRS/BRZ/86

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Presenting the Martelius Race Catback Exhaust for 2013+ FRS/BRZ/86 – a pinnacle of performance and craftsmanship curated by Battle Garage Racing Service.

Handcrafted in Switzerland, this exhaust system features 2.5" mandrel-bent, TIG-welded tubing for optimal flow and durability. The 100mm outlet tips ensure both convenience and a secure connection through flanges, making installation a breeze.

At Battle Garage, our affinity for Martelius products, especially for the iconic AE86, led us to bring you this finely tuned exhaust, tailor-made for your FRS/BRZ/86. Set yourself apart with this uniquely crafted exhaust system that adds depth and a touch of raspiness to the FA20 engine's note.

Enjoy an enhanced auditory experience without overwhelming noise or annoying drone. The Martelius Race Catback Exhaust strikes the perfect balance, delivering a great increase in sound without attracting unwanted attention. Upgrade your FRS/BRZ/86 with precision and performance from Battle Garage Racing Service and redefine your driving experience.



  • 2.5" mandrel-bent
  • TIG-welded tubing
  • 100mm outlet tips offer convenience and a secure connection via flanges for easy installation.


  • ZN6 2012+ FA20