Martelius R1 Header for AE86 Corolla

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Genuine Martelius Product

Tired of searching for a bolt on racing header that’ll fit your Left Hand Drive AE86 Racecar powered by a highly tuned 4AGE equipped with individual throttle bodies and high duration camshafts?

We were too, until Martelius Exhaust Systems handcrafted their R1 manifold specifically designed to work with High output 16v and 20v 4AGE engines!

  • Hand welded and assembled by Martelius
  • AISI409 stainless steel
  • Fits 16v and 20v cylinder heads
  • Unique odd cylinder pairing design optimized for high output
  • Efficient 4-2-1 design Tubing diameter (mm): 41.5 - 50.8 - 63.5
  • Cat flange

The R1 AE86 manifold requires 290º duration camshafts or higher for the best results along with individual throttle bodies or racing carburetors. We stock and carry Martelius’s line of under and overaxle 2.5” racing exhaust systems that pair perfectly with this manifold.

***Intended for race use only***

**Please note these will not clear PS pumps OR PS racks!**