Martelius Fast Road Overaxle Exhaust System for AE86

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The Martelius Fast Road Overaxle Exhaust System is meticulously designed to enhance the performance of your AE86, delivering a perfect balance of power and style. Handcrafted and welded to perfection, this exhaust system ensures an ideal fitment and maximum durability for your street machine.


  • Hand crafted, welded, and assembled in a bespoke assembly jig for perfect fitment.
  • CNC controlled precision mandrel bent steel construction ensures optimal performance.
  • 2 inch overaxle design with a straight-through flowing silencer and a single 3.15 inch tip for enhanced exhaust flow and a distinct exhaust note.
  • Designed for use without a catalytic converter; pair it seamlessly with Martelius's decat pipe for optimal performance.
  • Utilizes stock AE86 hanger mounts for easy installation.
  • Overaxle routed system provides ample clearance under the axle, reducing the risk of rubbing or scraping on obstacles.


  • Exhaust Type: Fast Road Overaxle
  • Material: High-quality steel
  • Pipe Diameter: 2 inches
  • Tip Diameter: 3.15 inches
  • Compatibility: AE86 with mild 4AGE power


Martelius's exhaust systems are engineered using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to maximize exhaust flow and enhance engine performance. The straight-through design minimizes backpressure, resulting in improved horsepower and torque gains across the RPM range. Additionally, the overaxle routing ensures optimal ground clearance and durability, making it ideal for daily street use.


  • Martelius Fast Road Overaxle Exhaust System
  • All necessary mounting hardware


This Martelius exhaust system is specifically designed to fit AE86 vehicles with mild 4AGE power. Utilizing stock hanger mounts and featuring a two-piece construction, installation is straightforward and hassle-free. Transform your AE86 into a performance powerhouse with the Martelius Fast Road Overaxle Exhaust System from Battle Garage Racing Service.

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