Koyo Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing for the 20V Blacktop

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This is a Genuine Koyo Timing Belt Tensioner for the 4-AGE
- Tensioner bearing for your timing belt
- Recommend to change every other timing belt job
The Blacktop 20V engine is an interference design, meaning if the belt slips or fails, valves will make contact with pistons and possibly drop into the combustion chamber with very bad results. 
While we also supply genuine OEM tensioners which can be found here.  However, Koyo is a tried and true brand that we swear by. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper but as-reliable, option, this tensioner is the one for you.
Add 2 pea-sized amounts of bearing grease or just one pea-sized amount of anti-seize to the pivot point when installing new bearing.  We have seen belts slip when rust builds up on the pivot area, preventing adequate tension from being maintained. 
Part Fitment:
1983-1987  Toyota Levin / Trueno / RWD Corolla AE86 4AGE 20V