Koyo Aluminum Radiators 70-74 Toyota Celica MT

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Genuine Koyo Racing Part
-Best in the industry
-Tig welded ends
-All Aluminum Construction

You are probably well aware of how effective multiple core radiators are for street and track cars. The heat that these types of radiators give off after a hard run in the mountains or at the track is very noticeable. These units are so effective, they can almost be used as a band-aid for a poorly constructed or maintained cooling system, although we recommend the proper fix of course.

*Koyo offers special "N-Flo" (dual or triple-pass) versions of their radiators for race applications. This technology helps retain water in the radiator for a longer period of time. For more information on different Koyo technologies, please visit their informational page: http://koyoradracing.com/about/technology.asp

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