Koyo Aluminum Radiators


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Genuine Koyo Racing Part
-Best in the industry
-Tig welded ends
-All Aluminum Construction
- AE86 / TE / KE
- S13 / S14 SR20DET or KA24DE
- RX7 FB / FC / FD 13B*

You are probably well aware of how effective multiple core radiators are for street and track cars. The heat that these types of radiators give off after a hard run in the mountains or at the track is very noticeable. These units are so effective, they can almost be used as a band-aid for a poorly constructed or maintained cooling system, although we recommend the proper fix of course.

For Rotary engine owners, it is essential to keep your engine from overheating. The coolant seals WILL be damaged if not completely fail if the coolant boils over. The OEM radiator will suffice in normal driving conditions but often fall short under spirited or high performance driving (especially Turbo applications.) Cooling should be the first thing to look at for Rotary engine reliability.

*Koyo offers special "N-Flo" (dual or triple-pass) versions of their radiators for race applications. This technology helps retain water in the radiator for a longer period of time. For more information on different Koyo technologies, please visit their informational page:

**Koyo has a new updated radiator series - HH010681 for AE86.  These are slimmer and more efficient then the outgoing model.  Both models are still available through Battle Garage**

Please note - 2 holes will need to be drilled on the mounting tabs and a pair of m6 bolts and nylon lock nuts will need to be added

**Add a Mishimoto E-Fan Shroud (fits on the Koyo great) for just $155 more**

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