Kelford Cams for 20V 4AGE

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Genuine Kelford Product

  • Great product from people that are passionate about engine performance
  • Consistently out perform competitors in back to back dyno tests on various Japanese engine applications
  • High quality cores result in superior life-span


  • 194-A
    • 264 Duration, 8.20/8.15mm Lift. Stage 1 high performance cams for a fast street car with a stock engine
  • 194-B
    • 270 Duration, 8.71mm/8.66mm Lift. Rally cams, great power gains across the entire rev range in mildly tuned engines
  • 194-C
    • 284/278 Duration, 9.30mm/8.50mm Lift. Racing camshafts to suit slightly modified engines, can run VVT or use adjustable gears to set fixed timing
  • 194-D
    • 290/284 Duration, 10.00mm/9.30mm Lift. Racing camshafts for well optimised engines. Great with 7A short block. Not for use with VVT
  • 194-E
    • 302/290 Degrees advertised duration. 10.50mm/10.00mm lift.
    • Full Race Engine

We have been using Kelford cams for about 50K miles with great results.  Our shop car (4AGE 20V, now 7AGE 20v) is using Kelford 194-B (8.9mm of lift, 270 degrees advertised duration) as a nice dual-purpose cam.  After installing this grind, we noticed much stronger mid and top-end, with a fantastic noise coming through the ITBs!  Idle is still steady and fuel economy is still great, we couldn't be happier.  VVT works without issue as well.  

This grind compares similarly to Tomei PonCams but are a bit more aggressive.  The 194-B will deliver better overall results but require a stand alone ECU and upgraded valve springs.   PonCams drop right in, but are restricted by the low limits of the OEM ECU.  

194-C cams are nice for hot builds that see track use or for a streetable 7A.  We wouldn't not recommend using these with VVT as higher duration cams require less advance with VVT.  You are better off deleting VVT at this stage.

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