JSP Fab 16V 4AG Distributor Plug

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Enhance your engine's performance with the JSP 16V 4AG Distributor Plug, available in raw or anodized aluminum finishes. Crafted with precision from solid billet using CNC machining, this plug provides a reliable solution to seal the hole on the cylinder head where the distributor would typically be installed.

Ideal for those utilizing aftermarket cam or crank sensor pickups and aftermarket coils, the JSP 16V 4AG Distributor Plug ensures a clean and streamlined engine setup. By eliminating the distributor, you can optimize your engine's performance and create additional space for other components.

Each JSP 16V 4AG Distributor Plug includes stainless steel hardware and a new o-ring for a secure and leak-free installation. Choose between a raw aluminum or anodized aluminum finish to match your engine bay's aesthetic and personal style.

Explore the possibilities of aftermarket sensor pickups and coils while enjoying a clean and organized engine bay. Order yours today and experience the next level of performance!

Part Fitment:

1983-1987  Toyota Levin / Trueno AE86 4AGE 16V