Hub Extender Adapter for Steering Wheels

Techno Toy Tuning

  • 7500

Machined hub extender with all the patterns for Nardi, Momo, Personal, and Sparco format steering wheels. We make these in 50mm long, and in 75mm long.

Comes with all stainless allen head bolts for a very nice look.

Available in Grey Anodize or Wrinkle Black Powdercoat .

These are only an extender and adapter between various hubs and steering wheels. You must have the proper splined hub as well to mount an aftermarket steering wheel on your car.

Please choose from the list carefully to ensure that you get exactly what you want!


  • Super easy to install and use!
  • Available in Grey Anodize or Wrinkle Black Powdercoat 
  • What was that about Milkshakes, and bringing the boys to the yard?

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