HPI Oil Cooler for AE86

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Genuine HPI product

High Power Improvements complete oil cooler overhaul kit will protect your engine and prolong the life of your oil without all the bulk of a larger system.  The HPI Oil Cooler has been circuit proven to provide stable oil temperatures in harsh circuit conditions, lowering temperatures significantly. 

The thick, 10 row, high and capacity oil cooler is guaranteed to keep temperatures low while improving oil flow and circulation. The beautifully polished HPI oil filter sandwich thermostat is compatible with external sensors, making it easy to keep tabs on your engine's health.

This kit is easy to install and includes all of the proper installation brackets, hardware and components, guaranteed to slide in hassle free.

  • 10 row aluminum HPI Oil Cooler finished in a brilliant light gold with -10AN fittings.
  • Tough, high flow steel braided HPI oil lines with HPI -10 AN fittings and a protective sleeve.
  • HPI oil filter thermostatic sandwich plate with gaskets, -10AN fittings and external sensor inputs.

  • Thermostatically controlled sandwich plate keeps oil at ideal operating conditions.
  • Unique designed offset fin tube core construction.
  • Designed for stable oil temperatures and low pressure loss.
  • Built-in thermostat sandwich block for easy installation.
  • Includes mesh hoses and other parts required for installation.