HKS Valve Springs

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Genuine HKS Part

  • Greater clearance before coil bind
  • Helps to reduce chance of valve float and spring chatter
  • Revving beyond factory red line or high lift cams require aftermarket springs
  •  S13 / S14 / Sentra SE-R with SR20DET / SR20DE

There are many valve spring manufacturers on the market but we prefer HKS or Toda for this application. HKS has been in the business of high performance engine tuning for decades and have put together a reasonably price, well rounded valve spring kit for various applications.

For 16V 4AGE we recommend upgrading your valve springs with higher rate aftermarket units when going beyond 7,500 RPM or whenever using aftermarket cams with greater than 8mm of lift.

*These Springs are made to use the stock retainers