HKS SQV Sequential Blow Off Valve Fin Insert (Purple)


  • 3495

If there is one aftermarket performance brand that is instantly recognizable from all the rest, it's HKS with their handsome purple metallic coloration! They are no strangers to engine bay detail, which becomes evident when looking at this stylish purple Blow Off Valve Fin Insert.

However, this fin is nowhere near just for looks! When fitted in an SQV Blow Off valve, it produces a more conservative, low-frequency tone compared to the high-pitched "chirp" found in the Standard and Gold fins. 

  • These fins are interchangeable within minutes! 
  • Perfect for more "low profile" or "sleeper" builds
  • Comes in iconic HKS purple 

Part Fitment:

1980-1987 Toyota Levin / Trueno AE86 4AGE
Universal Round Type Insert Fin Housing

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