HKS Fine Tuning Timing Belt

HKS Fine Tuning Timing Belt


  • 17400

Genuine HKS Timing Belt
-Looks Amazing
-Pairs well with HKS timing gears
-Pairs well with Zaklee clear timing belt cover (20V version coming soon)


4A/7A applications:

4AGE - 16V

7AGE 20V with 16V/20V Silvertop tensioner and oil pump OR AE111 MRP fixed tensioner and 20V Blacktop oil pump.

HKS claims greater strength, higher-rpm running, less stretch over time, an other benefits of their aftermarket timing belts.

The truth is, we use OEM belts for our customer cars, and race cars alike. Belts breaking from tension just doesn't seem to be an issue for us.

Why buy this HKS belt then? It looks fantastic. Nothing beats the feeling of peering into a clean engine bay with the now-famous purple HKS cam gears, belt, and filter staring you in the face!

**20V belts have a 2-3 week lead time. 16V in stock**

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