HKS Fine Tuning Timing Belt for 4AGE 16V and 3SGE BEAMS

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Genuine HKS product in their signature purple.

16V 4AGE (all years)
3SGE Blacktop BEAMS (all years)

Whether your car is 16v or 3SGE powered, your engine wont skip a beat with a stylish fine tuning timing belt designed by HKS to keep up with high RPMs and stress under any heat condition.

We highly recommend that users invest in a high quality timing belt such an HKS Fine Tuning unit as it will give you peace of mind behind the interference that your pistons and valves will encounter when snapping a belt, it happens to the best of us!

These belts work especially well with HKS’s equally stylish Slide Cam Gear Pulleys which we also stock here for your convenience!

  • Guaranteed stable belt tension even if heat expansion occurs in the engine
  • Optimized deep teeth surface area to ensure full contact and tension
  • Heat and waterproof core wire wrapped in aramid fiber and nylon
  • Thick gear teeth made H-NBR grade rubber for maximum strength


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