HKS Adjustable Cam Gears


  • 18600

Genuine HKS Parts
-Light weight
-Very hard Duralumin with nickel plating for durability
-Highly visible adjustment marks
-Highly visible period
- 4AGE / 4AGZE - 20V exhaust only
-1JZGTE / 2JZGTE (non-turbo as well)
-SR20DET* (non-turbo as well)
-RB26DETT / RB25DET/ RB20DET (non-turbo as well)

At the end of the day, your adjustable cam gears need to be straight, durable, and easy to adjust. Anything else is mainly a gimmick or for style. Using cam gears only from well known manufacturers can pretty much guarantee all three points. We happen to like HKS cam gears because they have proven durability and quality control, are easy to make and view adjustments, and look awesome.

Why would you want adjustable cam gears? On modified engines with aftermarket cams, cam timing becomes CRITICAL. The more aggressive the camshaft, the more carefully cam timing has to be set in order for the car to not fall on its face (barring other tuning errors).

If you don't buy cam gears from us, we just encourage you to stay away from Chinabay cam gears for long term use. The typical ones don't have hard metals used and have very soft anodizing. Extended use can result in abnormal timing belt wear...which would mean a premature tear down if your engine is an interference design.

Priced each! Select qty. 2 per engine.

Pro-tip: Stinky exhaust giving you a headache? You can usually advance the exhaust cam a degree or two and reduce the intake cam by a degree or so and not lose much overall performance. The idle quality and exhaust emissions will be noticeably improved. In general, advance the intake cam for more mid-range, retard it for better top-end. Exhaust is the same, but much less sensitive. Pay close attention to signs of detonation and re-adjust ignition timing when changing cam gears around!

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