Haltech Platinum Sprint 500 Standalone ECU

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Haltech Platinum Sprint 500 ECU

  • Entry level stand alone ECU 
  • Drives 4 ignition and fuel outputs sequentially 
  • Offers 4 completely programmable outputs (fuel pump, VVT, VTEC, Nitrous, etc)
  • Closed loop fueling with narrow band or wideband input
  • Barometric altitude compensation
  • Alpha-n or MAP based fueling
  • Ideal for boosted or naturally aspirated engines

Choose between ECU + 2.5m of colored and labeled wiring (recommended) or ECU Only (no ECU connector).  Also available is the connector only, and a low Ohm resistor pack. 

Executive Summary:  With a good tuner, you can expect noticeably better power over the entire power band and support modifications your OEM ECU would not support, such as nitrous or forced induction. Standalone ECU's will allow you to do Coil on Plug conversions, run open ITB's, or just about any other setup you can dream of.  The only caveat is that all of these results depends on how skilled your tuner/shop is, so check their confidence level with your goals and proceed cautiously.  Also, buy a quality ECU.  Your ECU can grow with you as you ad more power adders to your car, or even take the ECU with you on your next build!

For an entry level stand alone running a Toyota 4 cylinder engine we recommend the Sprint 500 for its ease of installation and tuning.  Haltech is supported by a large number of shops world wide.  AEM has an entry level EMS-4 ECU that we don't recommend for Toyotas as we found them to not like Toyota's 24+1 trigger set up.  

Battle Garage's proprietor, Grant, used to offer tuning services for customers all over California.  In that time he tuned dozens of systems under the sun ranging from Motec to Megasquirt.  Haltech is one of his favorite systems due to its ease of use and robustness at working right ouf of the box with the notoriously difficult 24+1 and 4+1 Toyota cam angle sensors.  

Stand alone installs are rarely easy, but for a high strung N/A build, it's a must! With a turbo car, the user can dial up the boost and see immediate results, but tuning a peaky engine like a 4AGE or similar import 4 cylinder requires very careful tuning of the ignition and fuel tables.  We have had a customer that picked up 27whp on a cammed 16V 4AGE from adding 4 degrees of ignition advance alone on the dyno. 

We have been running some form of Standalone ECU on the shop car for the last 6 years, and have covered 50K miles on it. 

***Not for use on public highways of any kind. For race use only!***

Battle Garage Racing Service cannot provide free support unfortunately.  Check with your tuner or Haltech USA for help with installation.