Toyota OEM Dipstick Guide Kit AE86 4AGE 16v

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With or Without Dip Stick

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Ensure accurate oil level readings and maintain the performance of your beloved AE86 with this essential maintenance kit.

The dipstick guide serves as a critical component in guiding the dipstick into the engine block, ensuring proper placement and preventing any inaccuracies in the oil level measurement. Over time, the original dipstick guide may wear out or become damaged, compromising the accuracy of oil level readings. Our OEM kit includes a high-quality dipstick guide crafted to meet Toyota's stringent standards, providing a seamless fit and reliable performance.
Take control of your AE86's oil level measurements and preserve its performance with the Toyota OEM Dipstick Guide Kit. Don't leave the health of your engine to chance. Invest in this essential maintenance kit today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your AE86 is receiving the care it deserves.
Kit Includes:
  • x1 Dipstick Guide
  • x1 O-Ring
  • x1 Bolt