Genuine OEM Toyota Throttle Body Gasket for AE86

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This is a brand new genuine OEM Toyota throttle body gasket for the Toyota AE86. Specifically, for the GT-S trim Toyota AE86 with the 4A-GE engine.

Gaskets are such a small part but they can be the difference between a smooth engine and a misfiring one. A bad gasket can disrupt the fuel-air mixture and the engine's vacuum. Causing misfires, poor idling, and an overall unpleasant driving experience.

Toyota OEM parts—especially for older cars—are harder to find. But with a small-but-significant part such as gaskets, genuine Toyota OEM products will provide hassle-free fitment and gets your Toyota AE86 running smoothly.




Year Make Model Submodel
1983 - 1987 Toyota AE86
1985 - 1986 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Sport GTS
1987 - 1988 Toyota Corolla FX16, FX16 GTS, Sport GTS
1989 - 1991 Toyota Corolla GTS
1985 - 1989 Toyota MR2 All non-GZE